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Infor's IBMi EAM (Elke) – Celebrating 40 Years

Infor's IBMi EAM, previously known as Elke Corporation's Main/Tracker and SSA BPCS Plant Maintenance, is a best-in-class EAM software solution operating on the
IBMi (AS/400, iSeries) platform. For 40 years now EAM has helped thousands of plants, facilities, and fleets around the world improve their asset management operations.

TEAMS provides EAM Software Services & Enhancements

Since Infor no longer provides training and enhancements to the system, TEAMS has taken the lead. For the past 25 years, our training services have a proven track record of enhancing our client's use of the system, which leads to a reduction in asset management costs. Furthermore, our client-driven software Enhancements were designed while "in the trenches" and are guaranteed to provide end users with increased "ease of use and speed of use."

IBMi System

In the EAM software industry, there are several systems that are considered "tool chests" and many systems that are considered "toolboxes." The IBMi EAM system has always been considered a "tool chest" within the industry, with many tools to choose from. However, ask yourself this; "In our organization's EAM implementation, how many of these tools are we using and how many have yet to be used"?

With proper training and implementation of these available Enhancements, or "tools," existing clients report significant improvements in workflow and their end users are now "growing into the system and increasing productivity."

Tool Chest

Let Us Help You

Introduce Jim Nelson to your asset management team. Jim is considered one of the most senior members in the software industry today. He started his EAM career 35 years ago at Elke Corporation. After the acquisition of Elke by SSA in 1993, Jim started his own EAM services company, TEAMS Corporation. During that time, he has worked with hundreds of companies and trained thousands of end users on how to better use the EAM "tool chest" as well as identifying improvements to their asset management operations. His expertise in providing solutions for plant, facilities and fleet asset management is highly respected in the industry.

We offer IBMi EAM
Software Enhancements!

  • Client-Driven Design
  • Reduce Your System Use Costs
  • Increase End User's "Ease Of Use"
  • Increase End User's "Speed Of Use"
  • Increase Quality Of KPI Reporting
  • Available With all EAM Release Levels


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