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Benefits of EAM Software

Realize These Benefits With Dedicated “TEAMwork”

  • Increase Asset Reliability and Life Cycles
  • Reduce Total Asset Ownership Costs
  • Improve Communications Between Operations & Maintenance
  • Ability to Track Any "Maintenance Worthy" Asset
  • Improve Optimal Asset Replacement Timing Decisions
  • Increase Availability of Meaningful EAM Information
  • Increase Manpower and Material Scheduling Activities
  • Improve Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Activities
  • Improve Inventory Usage, Reduce Outages/Overages
  • Improve Purchase Controls for All Non-Direct Items
  • Improve Outside Contractor Scheduling Activities
  • Increase Warranty Claims Tracking
  • Increase Labor Productivity and Employee Satisfaction
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduce Double Entry of Information and Paperwork
  • Increase Asset Calibration Tracking
  • Schedule Planned Component Replacements